8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

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  • Thomas Gordon

    We were very happy with the participation at the workshop. They were all very interested in the MARKOS platform and its support for open source software developers.  We had a lively and useful discussion in  a familiar atmosphere.  I felt like we've known each other for years.

    Thomas Gordon, MARKOS

  • Clara Pezuela

    Very clever, appropriate and correct questions and observations from the audience. Cloudscape VII is a perfect framework to obtain useful feedback about our work.

    Clara Pezuela, ATOS

  • Boris Horvat

    Smart and connected places are not only urban.

    Boris Horvat, UP IAM & Abelium

  • Andreas Weiss

    "Although the usage of Cloud Services can bring major advancements for SMEs to be competitive in the international market, the adoption rate is still under expectation. The EU Project CloudingSMEs has conducted a series of workshops with SMEs to understand their needs and to build an action plan to overcome the key barriers and to identify opportunities. Cloud Computing as a term is too...

    Andreas Weiss, EuroCloud

  • Kate Craig-Wood

    "I wish to enhance the European cloud industry and encourage the sort of adoption of SME cloud services by the public sector that we’ve witnessed with G-Cloud in the UK across the whole of Europe. I passionately believe that we should not be afraid of competing with each other, rather that if we can foster international excellence in low-cost, high-security, high...

    Kate Craig-Wood, Memset

  • David Salomoni

    "INDIGO-DataCloud is a EU-funded project aiming to fill important technology gaps that currently prevent easy and widespread collaboration among European scientists. The project will deliver a set of Cloud-based open software solutions enabling distributed scientific communities to plan, deploy and run their workloads and services on public or private Cloud infrastructures."

    Davide Salomoni, INFN

  • Massimo Villari

    "It is widely and well recognised that Cloud Computing has changed our perception of IT technology. More and more people around the world are now touched by the cloud. We are now entering the era of Clouds of Humans and Minds. Europe is strongly involved in this change and in the near Future this will impact positively on innovation and growth in Europe."

    Massimo Villari, University of Messina

  • Alain Sill

    “Coming to CloudScape always provides me with great opportunities to compare notes on topics of interest with my European colleagues and to work with them on cooperative ventures”

    Alan Sill, OGF

  • Michael Drescher

    “EGI is currently validating its federated cloud infrastructure solution through a use case engagement programme allowing any interested user, from either the public or private sectors, to come forward and give it a test drive with free (but limited) resources for 6 months in a production environment”,

    Michel Drescher, EGI.eu

  • James Mitchell

    "By establishing a transparent value for commodity cloud services, businesses will be able to put a price on innovation."

    James Mitchell, Strategic Blue

  • Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma

    "The conversation around cloud has moved on from simple technology discussions to advanced business strategy and Cloudscape continues to reflect the increased sophistication surrounding the use of cloud."

    Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma

  • Kuan Hon

    "Under the draft General Data Protection Regulation, cloud providers will be directly responsible for the security of personal data. Does that strike the right balance? How will they deal with their new obligations?"

    Kuan Hon, CCLS

  • Joe Weinman

    “Cloud computing, and related technologies such as big data, mobility, social, and the Internet of Things are transforming the spheres of business, society, government, and the economy.”

    Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics

  • Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma

    "Cloudscape represents a chance for us to mingle with some of the most knowledgeable people in cloud in Europe from both the private and public sectors."

    Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma

  • Joe Baguley

    “The fastest pace of technology change ever is happening right here today, and it is increasing.  That means today is also the slowest rate of change you will experience for the rest of your life!  Not a day goes by without a new buzzword or technology popping up.  Cloudscape for me is the one conference where the leaders in technology can meet with the leaders of policy...

    Joe Baguley, VMware

  • Pedro

    “Cloudscape offers an opportunity to share the outcomes of European initiatives across the community. It also highlights important new developments by peers, enterprises and the public sector”

    Pedro Garcia Lopez, Universitat Rovira i Virgili

  • Tobias Höllwarth

    "The themes around cost savings next year at Cloudscape-VI and the pragmatic hands-on "how to cloud sessions" are features supporting our 3rd edition of migrating to the cloud which covers also some of these issues. Through Eurocloud, we support efforts of bringing added-value on the benefits of the Cloud"  

    Tobias Höllwarth, EuroCloud Austria

  • Fubica

    "EU Brazil Cloud Connect is leading Cloudscape Brazil in 2014 and 2015. We will consolidate the eScience community in Brazil and attract government and industry players to share first hand best practices in cloud computing developments worldwide. Cloudscape Brazil will also encourage active contribute to the several on-going standardisation initiatives in Brazil."

    Francisco Brasileiro, Federal University of Campina Grande

  • Bernd Becker

    “Cloudscape IV brought interesting networking opportunities”.

    Bernd Becker, EuroCloud

  • Alan Sill

    " The Cloudscape series offers an excellent platform to showcase the commitment to standards development with contributions from many different communities. This series has been instrumental in demonstrating the effectiveness of the standards process through a coordinated approach by mobilising the international community and showcasing practical implementations .”

    Alan Sill, OGF

  • David Bernstein

    "Cloudscape has been an important catalyst and anchor event for our European activities around Cloud Computing standards. Nowhere else is there a gathering of standards organisations, representatives from government, and the research community ".

    David Bernstein, Cloud Strategy Partners & IEEE

  • Steven Newhouse

    "The Cloudscape meetings bring together representatives of the European and International Cloud Computing community from the standards bodies, public and private sector providers, policy makers and users from all sectors. They are an excellent venue for information exchange and networking".

    Steven Newhouse, EGI

  • Vangelis Floros

    “ Cloudscape is like a LinkedIn party. Where else can you meet with all your connections in one place? I will attend Cloudscape VI for the excellent presentations, the panel discussions that always tackle the state of the art in cloud computing, the networking during the breaks and the demos, which are an excellent idea .”

    Vangelis Floros, GRNET & CELAR project

  • Daniele Catteddu

    “The February time-frame for the Cloudscape workshop series is perfect with a focus on standards, practical approaches & best practices as the event’s value-add. I look forward to continuing my involvement in it as both an individual and representative of the Cloud Security Alliance”.

    Daniele Catteddu, Cloud Security Alliance

  • Markus Pleier

    “The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is absolutely interested in taking part in Cloudscape V – 2013 and beyond ”.

    Markus Pleier, SNIA & EMC

A Faster Path to Innovation for a smarter, bigger and connected world

We are heading towards a brave new world of IT,where new team work and processes will become more important than the actual technologies. Fast Data on cloud is exploding and changing the way we think of apps and website behaviour. It is also laying the foundation for the Internet of Things. Cloud is a key element in the digital transformation scenario as we approach the innovation stage of the cloud marketplace.
In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, the introduction of the next big thing is always right around the corner. But with so many new technologies coming at such a rapid pace, how do we know what to adopt next and more importantly, do we actually need it?
Cloudscape VII was the venue for bringing together a truly mixed audience from big corporations to SMEs and from researchers to policy makers. Together they looked beyond the latest fads to zoom in on the opportunities and issues that really matter.

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