8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

  • Thomas Gordon

    Thomas Gordon, MARKOS

    We were very happy with the participation at the workshop. They were all very interested in the MARKOS platform and its support for open source software developers.  We had a...

  • Clara Pezuela

    Clara Pezuela, ATOS

    Very clever, appropriate and correct questions and observations from the audience. Cloudscape VII is a perfect framework to obtain useful feedback about our work.

  • Boris Horvat

    Boris Horvat, UP IAM & Abelium

    Smart and connected places are not only urban.

  • Andreas Weiss

    Andreas Weiss, EuroCloud

    "Although the usage of Cloud Services can bring major advancements for SMEs to be competitive in the international market, the adoption rate is still under expectation. The EU Project...

  • Kate Craig-Wood

    Kate Craig-Wood, Memset

    "I wish to enhance the European cloud industry and encourage the sort of adoption of SME cloud services by the public sector that we’ve witnessed with G-Cloud in the UK...

  • David Salomoni

    Davide Salomoni, INFN

    "INDIGO-DataCloud is a EU-funded project aiming to fill important technology gaps that currently prevent easy and widespread collaboration among European scientists. The project will...

  • Massimo Villari

    Massimo Villari, University of Messina

    "It is widely and well recognised that Cloud Computing has changed our perception of IT technology. More and more people around the world are now touched by the cloud. We are now...

  • Alain Sill

    Alan Sill, OGF

    “Coming to CloudScape always provides me with great opportunities to compare notes on topics of interest with my European colleagues and to work with them on cooperative ventures...

  • Michael Drescher

    Michel Drescher, EGI.eu

    “EGI is currently validating its federated cloud infrastructure solution through a use case engagement programme allowing any interested user, from either the public or private...

  • James Mitchell

    James Mitchell, Strategic Blue

    "By establishing a transparent value for commodity cloud services, businesses will be able to put a price on innovation."

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