8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Dawn Leaf, US Department of Labor

Chief Information Officer, United States Department of Labor

Dawn Leaf
“What we really need to do is build capabilities . . . from the ground up so that our employees in the agencies can go past the traditional data systems that are the typical brick-and-mortar systems.”

Dawn Leaf spent 20 years in the private sector before making the leap to government in 1999. Once there, she served in leadership roles at various agencies, including the Commerce Department, the Bureau of Industry and Security, NIST, the Smithsonian Institution, and most recently the Labor Department. At NIST, Leaf was the senior adviser for cloud computing and helped the agency achieve significant cloud computing milestones. Overall and not just specific to cloud, Leaf believes technology can help agencies can reach a higher level of being able to execute their missions.

Dawn Leaf at Cloudscape VII

Tuesday, 10 March 2015  10:00 - 11:00