8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

James Mitchell, Strategic Blue

Co-founder & CEO of StrategicBlue

James Mitchell
"By establishing a transparent value for commodity cloud services, businesses will be able to put a price on innovation."

Dr James Mitchell is Co-founder & CEO of StrategicBlue. He was hired into Morgan Stanley’s commodities division where he originated $500 million of structured commodities deals, each of which was a first of its kind at Morgan Stanley requiring sign off from the Global Head of Commodities. These included major off-takes of power from credit-constrained generators, long-term shaped electricity sales to independent suppliers, and a major investment in Atlantis, a renewable energy company.
He is a regular speaker and panellist at cloud computing conferences, speaking about cloud broker-dealing at and cloud computing market development in Europe and the US.  He has also contributed to GigaOM on cloudonomics, and been quoted in Joe Weinman's definitive book on Cloudonomics.
James holds a 1st class M.Sci. in Experimental and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and a D.Phil. in DNA Nanotechnology from Oxford University.

James Mitchell at Cloudscape VII

Tuesday, 10 March 2015  11:30 – 12:30  "Taking on the Cloud Challenge" session, Pricing the Cloud - a financial cloud broker’s view on how IaaS should be bought and sold

James Mitchell Position Paper
Cloud Pricing is Broken

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