8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Gabriella Cattaneo, IDC

Associate Vice President, IDC European Government Consulting

Gabriella Cataneo
Gabriella Cattaneo is Associate Vice President, IDC European Government Consulting providing research and consulting services to governments and policy makers on the development of ICT-based innovation and ICT-based competitiveness in the economy and society.
She has 20 years’ experience in socioeconomic research on the development of the information society, ICT markets quali-quantitative analysis, monitoring and benchmarking of ICT services.

She is currently the technical coordinator of the Digital Innovation Forum programme (Forum dell’Innovazione Digitale) in Italy, a networking initiative which includes a workgroup on the development of eHealth in Italy. She was a partner of the SIBIS (Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society) project, which developed benchmarking indicators for the diffusion of ICTs in the main vertical markets including Government and Healthcare.

Gabriella Cattaneo at Cloudscape VII

Monday, 9 March 2015  17:00 - 17:15  "What the analyst say on IoT, cloud and big data" session, Perspectives on IoT, Cloud & Big Data