8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Lutz Schubert, University of Ulm

Head of Department, University of Ulm

Lutz Schuber
Lutz Schubert has been and is actively contributing to various national and international research projects related to distributed systems. His specific research focus thereby rests on efficient distributed execution frameworks and programming models. He is currently coordinating the S(o)OS project (www.soos-project.eu/) and the nationally funded ECOUSS project (http://ecouss.dfki.de/). Over the years, he has participated in shaping the Grid concepts, later Web Services and now Cloud Computing through various publications, reports, and participation in several panels, committees and initiatives. Lutz Schubert has given many presentations in the areas of high performance computing and cloud computing. He furthermore acts as independent expert for the European Commission and as designated rapporteur and moderator for the EC Cloud Computing expert working group, which recently produced the report “Advances in Clouds - Research in Future Cloud Computing” (2012). He holds a diploma in computer science and philosophy. Lutz has just moved to University of Ulm.

Lutz Schubert at Cloudscape VII


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