8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


Demo: Computational and data elasticity in biological applications using the CELAR cloud platform

CELAR is a three year EU funded project that is aiming is to provide automatic, multi-grained resource allocation for cloud applications. This enables the commitment of just the right amount of resources based on application demand, performance and requirements, results in optimal use of infrastructure resources and significant reductions in administrative costs. Two exemplary applications that showcase and validate the aforementioned technology are being developed: The first showcases the use of CELAR technology for massive data management and large-scale collaboration required in the on-line gaming realm, while the second targets the area of scientific computing, requiring compute- and storage-intensive genome computations. This demonstration will focus on the latter application called SCAN, developed by Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Manchester . It will present the complete steps of workflow implementation from the application design, the deployment definition up to the actual execution on the ~okeanos IaaS cloud. It will also show how the application takes advantage of automated scale-out and scale-in capabilities of the CELAR platform to optimize the resource usage, based on the actual compute and storage requirements.


Evangelos Floros, Okeanos – Cloud Service for Greek research and higher education community & GRNET

Evangelos Floros currently works as a Project Manager in GRNET, Athens, Greece, where he is coordinating the PRACE-GR national-funded project whose goal is to procure, deploy and operate a national HPC service for the Greek research community. He is also involved in the CELAR EU project, being responsible for the technical coordination of GRNET's participation and the adoption of the project' s elasticity innovations by the Okeanos platform. Finally he remains an active endorser of the StratusLab open source initiative, being responsible for the IaaS public cloud service operated using the initiative's software stack.
Evangelos Floros holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He has extensive experience in HPC, cloud and grid computing technologies, having participated in a large number of related European Projects like CrossGrid, D4Science, EGEE-I,II and III, StratusLab and PRACE.