8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


Demo: ALOJA, Cost-Effective Big Data deployments in the Cloud

COMPOSE: IoT Cloud Platform
The DEMO will present the ALOJA Big Data benchmarking repository and Web analytics tools.ALOJA is a research initiative from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in collaboration with Microsoft Research through the BSC-MS Research Centre (https://www.bscmsrc.eu), to produce a systematic study of the cost-effectiveness Hadoop deployments, including upcoming Big Data services in the Cloud.
The DEMO will include an overview of the growing public online repository of Hadoop Benchmark executions (http://hadoop.bsc.es), featuring over 10k executions; the ALOJA open-source deployment and orchestrations tools for Big Data benchmarking in the Cloud; and the main results of the project by navigating through the available Web Analytics tools focusing on Cloud deployments, both IaaS and PaaS.
ALOJA seeks to provide both the knowledge and tools through an online service, for users to make better informed decisions influencing the TCO and the performance for their Big Data infrastructures in the Cloud.


Nicolas Poggi - IT Researcher, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Nicolas Poggiis an IT researcher with focus on performance and scalability of Web and Data intensive applications.  He is currently leading a research project on upcoming architectures for intensive data applications (BigData) at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and Microsoft Research joint center (http://www.bscmsrc.eu/).

Nicolas Poggi received his PhD in 2014 at the Computer Architecture Department (DAC) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC - BarcelonaTech), where he also previously obtained his MS degree in 2007.  He is part of the High Performance Computing group at DAC and of the Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms research group at BSC.  
Also has been a Visiting Research Scholar at IBM Watson in 2012.  Nicolas can usually be found speaking and organizing local IT meetup events in Barcelona, and his contact and publication list at: http://personals.ac.upc.edu/npoggi/



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