8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


"Hypervisors, containers and clouds. Oh My!' - Joe Baguley's keynote on Container technology and cloud in 2015


"Hypervisors, containers and clouds. Oh My!’ - Joe Baguley's CloudscapeVII keynote is schduled for Tuesday, March the 10th starting at 10:00.

As ever, IT is changing. With containers being a hot topic in 2014, who better than Joe Baguley, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, VMware to clarify and contextualise the latest industry trends? His keynote, ‘Hypervisors, containers and clouds. Oh My!’ gives the big picture on hyper-convergence, software defined networking (SDN), virtualised storage, containers, cloud management platforms and more. 

“The fastest pace of technology change ever is happening right here today, and it is increasing.  That means today is also the slowest rate of change you will experience for the rest of your life!  Not a day goes by without a new buzzword or technology popping up.  Cloudscape for me is the one conference where the leaders in technology can meet with the leaders of policy from the European Commission for a two way conversation.  Not only the sessions themselves, but also all of the ‘corridor conversations’ are really helping bring people together and inform them." Joe Baguley Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, VMware
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