8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


Cisco's Tjerk Bijlsma Opening Keynote at Cloudscape VII on enabling the Intercloud paradigm shift

Cisco Tjerk Bijlsma
Cloudscape VII is one of the “not to be missed” platforms for advancing common knowledge on cloud computing.
Moving with the market, Cloudscape has become renowned for its unique blend of organisations represented, not just the research community and policy makers, but also key industry players, analysts and small enterprises.
Each year it offers vital data on cloud computing relevant for SMEs, government, legal experts and funding agencies in Europe and the U.S. Each of these stakeholders know that Cloudscape will offer them a content-rich event, with forward-looking insights and a look at the real challenges around uptake of cloud services.
This is one the reasons why Cisco has chosen Cloudscape VII to present its 2015 vision on how it is innovating cloud technologies. 
“Cisco and our partners are connecting private, public, and hybrid clouds into an interconnected global "cloud of clouds": the Intercloud”, says Tjerk Bijlsma, Technology Officer at the Cisco EMEAR Data Center.
Bijlsma’s keynote provides a compelling example of Cisco Intercloud partner ecosystem: “Unlike other hybrid approaches, our cloud strategy allows for workload portability across the entire Intercloud based on an open, standards-based global infrastructure while also helping to overcome the security, regulatory, and compliance issues”, continues Tjerk Bijlsma. 

As Technology Officer of Cisco’s EMEAR Data Center team, Tjerk is focused on evangelizing the Cisco DC vision, strategy and technology to executives, architects and engineers. Tjerk also represent Cisco at public events speaking where he shares Cisco’s vision for the data center future.  View Tjerk's detailed profile 

Tjerk will give a keynote entitled "Cisco-Powered Cloud Architecture with Microsoft Cloud Platform: building an application-centric infrastructure for IaaS/PaaS and enabling the Intercloud paradigm shift" on Monday, 9th March starting 10:10

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