8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


Minding the gap @ 5th FUSECO Forum

5th FUSECO Forum
The 5th FOKUS FUSECO Forum, Berlin, Germany, November, 13-14, 2014, Cloud-based ICT Platforms and Virtualized Networks for flexible Ecosystem enablement within Smart Cities offers key insights into the latest developments in future internet.
Mind the gap at the FI-PPP International Workshop!
This workshop shows how we can bridge the gap between Future Internet Research and Innovation. A good example is the FanTaaStic Broker Service of the EIT ICT Labs, which is building on the legacy of the future internet research and experimentation initiative, FIRE for short. The audience will hear about FanTaaStic and OneLab, including consensus that the service is a good fit for SMEs.
Milon Gupta, Eurescom (Germany) and CI-FIRE Coordinator will show How startups and SMEs can benefit from EIT ICT Labs and FIRE:
Innovative statups and SMEs are facing a major challenge: testing and validating their new Internet services and applications on a large scale at an affordable cost. So far, there has not been an easy solution to this challenge. This is now changing: the EU-funded research project CI-FIRE is collaborating with EIT ICT Labs in order to help provide industry-grade Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) testbed facilities. It is done through a one-stop shop, on the FanTaaStic web site. The presentation will provide an update on the progress towards making FIRE facilities commercially available and the opportunities for startups and SMEs to benefit from this offering through faster, better and cheaper testing.

This workshop on 13 November features high-calibre presentations from international Future Internet coryphées from US (GENI, IGNITE, ON Lab), Europe (FIRE, FI-PPP), Japan (NICT), Korea (ETRI), Mexico (MTP), as well as many speakers from FI-PPP (Infrastructure, Usage Areas, Accelerators).

The workshop is organised by XiFi - the capacity building project of the FI-PPP programme

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