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Cloudscape IV Results

Cloudscape IV Results
Cloudscape IV, 23-24 February 2012, hosted at the European Commission premises in Brussels and coordinated by the funded SIENA initiative (FP7, e-Infrastructures), continued its successful four-year run as over 120 stakeholders from the scientific community, industry, standards organisations and policy makers gathered to explore the most discussed topics around cloud computing. In a rapidly evolving landscape, there is a need to place more emphasis on the success stories of the cloud, seeking practical solutions to challenges that are not so much technical as policy related. Once key challenges have been mastered, many new and creative approaches to scientific discovery will be possible. International outreach, including the active participation of experts from Brazil, Japan and the U.S., perfectly illustrated how synergies with Europe can unlock new opportunities with competition amongst suppliers inspiring innovation.

“The SIENA Roadmap demonstrates that Europe has a huge potential for innovation. I encourage you all to pay particular attention to this Roadmap, to discuss it, to question it, bring it together with other aspects that may also need particular attention. Essentially to help calibrate it and bring its recommendations into actions so that Europe can be not only cloud friendly but also cloud active”, said Mario Campolargo, Director DG INFSO Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures at the EC, in his keynote on cloud computing for the Digital Agenda.

The Cloudscape series since its inception in 2009 is intimately linked to earlier focus on top scientific community stakeholders. However, the participant figures for 2012 clearly demonstrate that Cloudscape is now very much a premier event for a much broader group of stakeholders: 33% from research, 30% from industry & small and medium enterprises (SMEs), 17% from government and public administrations, 17% not-for-profit and 50 EC-funded initiatives alongside all major standards organisations, which have also been part of the SIENA Roadmap Editorial Board. Interestingly, over 60 of the participants are not involved in any funded initiative, which shows the added value of Cloudscape in placing high on the agenda for multiple, global perspectives and in helping to establish stronger relations between industry and the scientific community.

“Continued, wide support from these communities means that we are now very well placed to take Cloudscape forward as a self-sustained event, creating a forum for even closer coordination between standards organisations, public private cloud offerings and implementation in research and government. This is particularly important as new service models gain traction, calling for the evolution of standards that are closer to the consumers”, said Silvana Muscella, Technical Coordinator of SIENA.

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