8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Cloudscape III Results

Cloudscape III Results
Cloudscape III, 15 and 16 March in Brussels, brought together a hundred stakeholders to continue to build on momentum of the successful international event series focused on clouds standards & interoperability.  The event was coordinated by the SIENA initiative, funded by the European Commission (INFSO/F3).

Robert Madelin, Director General DG-INFSO, opened the event, introducing the reoccurring theme that interoperability and security are crucial for cloud computing in the public domain, and how prioritization in standards development can ensure this.  He identified three key areas for action: a global legal framework which is cloud friendly, secondly, to build the market and thirdly to ensure technical standards and interoperability are pushed forward as fast as possible.

The event featured over 30 diverse speakers and panellists, representing distinct domains where cloud computing is changing the landscape:  eScience, eGovernment, and industry.  Underpinning these domains were common issues that affect their user communities: performance, security, legal issues, data privacy and standards. This built on the successful outcomes of earlier Cloudscape workshops over the last three years, where the benefits and potential of cloud computing were first explored, moving to its successful implementation and application across diverse domains.

The event saw the release of the first iteration of the SIENA Roadmap which featured heavily during the event and sparked discussion on issues such as drivers for interoperability such as cost savings. The suitability of cloud environments for eScience users was also discussed including advantages and limitations. Similarly, use of cloud for public services, in particular in the wake of the economic downturn with government look for cost-cutting, reliable and sustainable solutions to deploy for public administration and services. Growing interest in a movement to the cloud in industry was also explored, with particular reference to the benefits of interoperability and challenges to adoption.

Trust, privacy and security provided common issues across all these domains with the growing need for regulatory and legal evolution of data privacy and service agreements.  

International collaboration was a focal point focus of Cloudscape III, where European stakeholders welcomed Dawn Leaf, NIST Senior Executive for Cloud Computing.  Roundtable sessions at the event laid a foundation for international cooperation between SIENA roadmapping activity and such NIST initiatives as the Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing (SAJACC) which continues a use case and standards gap analysis.  

Matching international cooperation is also the need for stronger collaboration between standards development bodies, which will play a key role in ensuring interoperability. Indeed, Cloudscape III saw the participation and intervention of major SDOs.

Calls for a “lighthouse implementation” gained momentum at the event: a demonstration of inter-compatibility and functionality in a reference setting that is specifically designed to provide illustrations of the value of the standard. The main objective would be to clarify the standards development process by providing clear, powerful proof-of-principle public demonstration for standards that are ready for near-term adoption.

Cloudscape III also saw the publication of 20 position papers from speakers and participants which were printed and distributed at the event. The event was also streamed live through the SIENA Channel to the broader stakeholder community.

All event presentations and videos can be found here

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