8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium

Cloudscape I Results

Cloudscape I Results
Cloudscape I brought together over 100 attendees for a full day’s look at the benefit of Cloud Computing, as well as the challenges that await its further adoption.  A wide range of participation with interests represented from enterprise, standards, policy and active EC projects offered a complete and diverse look at this quickly rising technology.  The day served to examine how Cloud Computing is shaping the overall distributed computing landscape.  Discussion covered such important topics such as:

“Greener” Policies surrounding Data Centers: its effect on Cloud expansion
Standards and interoperability:  their role as a driving force of adoption
What’s important to the SME, opposed to the big names already using Cloud: what factors will facilitate their uptake?
Lock-in: although a flexible technology, will the commitment of early standards be a factor in the speed of adoption?
The challenges of scalability: to meet and maintain Industry expectations
Legal issues & taxation: how will it affect the placement of industry?
Standards: Cloud Computing is governed by Industry, and as so, must be supported by communities like OGF through standards that understand business

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