8 - 9 March 2016

Brussels, Belgium


HARNESS project: Managing Heterogeneous Computer Resources for a Cloud Platform

Harness White Paper
Most cloud service o fferings are based on homogeneous commodity resources, such as large numbers of inexpensive machines interconnected by off -the-shelf networking equipment and disk drives, to provide low-cost application hosting. However, cloud service providers have reached a limit in satisfying performance and cost requirements for important classes of applications, such as geo-exploration and real-time business analytics.

The FP7 HARNESS project aims to fi ll this gap by developing architectural principles for the next generation cloud platform designs to incoorporate heterogeneous technologies such as FPGAs, programmable routers, and SSDs, and provide as a result vastly increased performance, reduced energy consumption, and lower cost profi les.
In this paper we focus on three challenges for supporting heterogeneous computation resources in the context of a cloud platform, namely: (1) cross-optimisation of heterogeneous resources, (2) resource virtualisation and
(3) programming heterogenous platforms.

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Harness White Paper